Soft Water. Refined Water. Conditioned Water.

There are a variety of ways to treat and improve the quality of city water before it enters your home, some of which include filters and softeners. One of the most effective products is a multi-stage refiner that not only softens water, but it also neutralizes pH and filters out total dissolved solids as well as unwanted chemicals. Let’s take a look at a 5-stage water refinement and conditioning system.

Typical Stages of a High Quality Multi-Stage Home Water Refinement System

Stage 1 – Granulated Activated Carbon
Removes Chlorine and Chloramines used by municipal water suppliers to kill bacteria, as well as offensive tastes, odors and pollutants.

Stage 2 – Water Softening
Ion resin beads remove water hardness by replacing hard ions with soft ions.

Stage 3 – pH Neutralization
Calcite adjusts the pH of mildly acidic incoming water.

Stage 4 – Filtration
Aluminum silicate filters out microscopic suspended solids.

Stage 5 – Clarification
Silica / Quartz polishes the water to a sparkling clarity as well as ensures even distribution.

Thin walled copper used in post 2001 home construction can fail over time.

Some of the Many Benefits of Treating Municipal Tap Water Include:

  • making pipes last longer
  • extending the life of appliances that utilize water such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters
  • keeping the warranty of appliances in tact
  • making cleaning chores easier
  • using less soap and detergent, yet your laundry will be brighter and cleaner
  • reducing scale buildup and scum rings
  • softening your skin, and reducing dermatitis aggravation

Multi-stage conditioning and refinement systems typically use an electronic control valve that automatically calculates usage and when to regenerate the media. All you need to do is add salt or potassium tablets (available at most major hardware stores) to the brine tank to keep the system in proper working condition.

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